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AWS or Azure-Who is the Big Winner?

Cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have been at each throat for a very long time now. The competition gets stiff with each invention, and the strategy has always been commendable on both sides. But people who use the world of cloud computing are quite familiar with the real winner, as […]

Reasons Why You Need to Get an AWS Certification

Staying relevant and focused on the tech industry is an essential criterion since the industry is always evolving. By staying consistent, you might be aware of the kind of importance that AWS backed services have in the industry. Amazon offers a wide array of automation, infrastructure, storage and a lot more. Hence the best strategy […]

Things to Know Before Starting an AWS Online Training

Amazon Web Series (AWS) has been creating waves in the industry for quite some time. People are noting down its importance and how it translates their career into a range of successful operations. The online program has helped people achieve a lot in their respective fields, and the unique method in teaching has also been […]